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"GOBENCH became an essential tool for us to evaluate and analyze benchmarking data for products and to offer them to the user as needed. By integrating a benchmarking methodology our benchmarking became faster and more efficient.”

BSH Bosch und Siemens Hausgeräte
"By implementing GOBENCH, we gained the ability to bring together the benchmarking results from the various divisions of BSH and to optimize the worldwide collaboration and networks of our benchmarking teams. The structured data formats and the individual analytical possibilities are the basis for achieving our goals: GOBENCH supports us in development and production, aids us in saving time and expenses and in addition, improves the quality of our products. The competent assistance by employees of the INDEC Company, helps us to achieve a far reaching penetration and utilization of the system, corporate wide."

"As CLAAS has a core knowledge of the various sectors of agricultural technology and needs to be able to make this available to all applicable parts of the business, the company was looking for a way to link those areas and to structure the knowledge to increase its value. GOBENCH IQ was the obvious choice to do this and is now a valuable tool for CLAAS."

“Since 2012 and with the aid of the GOBENCH IQ system, Conti has been regularly identifying relevant parameters for product technology and cost analysis issues, among others. The information obtained is passed on not only to the internal customer who formulated the specific questions, but also to other departments within the company, who usually tend to access the results as and when needed. Previously Conti had employed a Sharepoint-Server method that had been developed in-house. However, because of the complex demands of all product sectors at Conti, it was impossible to refine this in line with requirements.“ full version

"For us benchmarking is a continuous process for our product improvement by evaluating benchmarking results. Structured and goal-oriented benchmarking with the support of GOBENCH which is tailor-made for our needs leads us to saving time, cost and capacities in product development including analyzing of the product progress ranking."

“With the GOBENCH system we installed an information platform that enables our marketing, development and purchasing areas located internationally to obtain defined analysis information. Market and technology trends as well as new developments in the product and process area are simply and centrally made available by GOBENCH."

“The road to successful benchmarking essentially consists in developers, technicians and engineers "taking off their professional blinkers" to see things through the eyes of the customer. This is where a system such as GOBENCH IQ supports the analytical process. A systematic comparison, including of subjective features, increases appreciation of the "real" criteria and objectifies the image of products. The self-evident strength of the system is that it communicates an overall picture, which also means that the various weaknesses of a product can be identified. Before Hettich switched to GOBENCH, the company had developed its own database solutions – with the expected imponderables: the systems were not decentrally accessible, the data structure was heterogeneous and data islands featured largely, while maintenance and further development were limited.” full version

"Within just a few weeks, HILTI received a complete implementation of the redefined benchmarking process as well as the corresponding data structures. The benchmarking system GOBENCH, developed by INDEC, was quickly and smoothly implemented at HILTI. GOBENCH will soon be expanded to the next business units at HILTI." full version

"Within about one week, ISRINGHAUSEN received a pre-configured system and was able to further develop the system to a sophisticated level, in terms of both content and analysis, within a short period of time.
In addition, the starting budget was kept low because there was no need for style adjustments (Corporate Identity) or a cross-departmental requirements analysis. Additional product areas from the AUNDE Group are now also working with GOBENCH, which speaks to the effectiveness of a simple start with GOBENCH Small Business."

Johnson Controls
"A crucial element for our business is that we have found a uniform standard for holding all relevant benchmarking data and that we work with the same software across all our sites. This saves time, internal discussions and helps us to reach conclusions very quickly. The GOBENCH IQ system offers an easy user interface and extensive new features." full version

"Since the introduction of the GOBENCH system, all of the benchmark-related data for competing products and Kautex products has begun to be transferred to the system from the current Excel files and other collection standards. After the successful roll-out, the Development / Marketing / Purchasing departments can now easily access a central data pool of measurement data, component information and OEM-specific requirements during product development."

"Within approximately one month, Kirchhoff received a complete, functional GOBENCH system including all of the request and evaluation possibilities and using the Corporate Design. The employees were given training so that they could make minor adjustments and expansions themselves after just a short period of time. Because of the success of this pilot project, additional products with product-specific collection standards were implemented in GOBENCH even before the planned date. Here, too, INDEC provided support for the process."

"The introduction of GOBENCH at Magna Seating created a global information system to support development in the areas of competition analysis, technology analysis and best-practice methods.In further steps, the knowledge gained from internal projects and the resulting best practice solutions were also integrated into the new GOBENCH system and made available to all its users."

"The challenges in a continuing benchmarking process consist of, among other things, collecting a comprehensive amount of information and posting it in a structured manner. To achieve this, the GOBENCH system provides us with a flexible and capable platform. Products, sub-assemblies, parts, concepts, and product specific characteristics can be easily compared and analyzed." full version

MTU Aero Engines
"GOBENCH allows us to structure the existent and partially very heterogeneous data as needed and to make them accessible multidisciplinary throughout the whole company. The variety and the flexibility of the database meet the diverse and often new requirements in the company. Thus, GOBENCH is used beyond the competition analysis for the collection and analysis of market data."

"GOBENCH enables worldwide access to our benchmarking data and analyses. Thus it has become an important knowledge tool for future designs across national boundaries. The combination of benchmarking data, information about our competitors and trends, makes GOBENCH the basis of our competitors’ knowledge management."

"GOBENCH IQ is accessible from anywhere in the world and allows us data sharing in an international scale. What we appreciate is the flexibility of the database, but yet allowed for much more organized structure of the data collected to allow easy comparisons. With GOBENCH we reduce specific searches and data collection from Days (if at all possible) to minutes." full version

ThyssenKrupp Presta
"By using GOBENCH IQ, we have found a way of turning the individual expertise of employees into corporate expertise that is accessible to everyone within the organization. The decision to switch to GOBENCH was influenced by the issue of in-house resources. We simply wanted a more professional solution plus support, rather than something more or less exotic that we had developed ourselves. But as complexity increases and management requirements escalate, GOBENCH emerges as considerably more efficient. After all, the development costs are spread across many companies, not paid for just by a single one."

"The web-based GOBENCH system now provides all of the marketing information to the involved employees company-wide. The market situation can now be analyzed quickly and easily, and the market strategy can be optimally designed on the basis of an objectified benchmarking process. Using GOBENCH, WAREMA will also be able to expand the content and the tasks of the product benchmarking process without any difficulty in the future, for instance in order to include sun shades, awnings, etc."

ZF Friedrichshafen
"Our goals within the Benchmarking process like:
- standardization of data capturing, analysis and evaluation
- local and world-wide availability of the benchmarking data
- multidisciplinary exchange of benchmarking data
are supported by the implementation of GOBENCH long term."