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You can also download our GOBENCH movie here.

Are you prepared for the competition? Do you really know what your customer needs? How effective are your processes? How can you make savings?

Online - Presentation:
Introduction to the applications and functions of GOBENCH IQ

Interested in GOBENCH IQ?

Just arrange an online-presentation with one of our GOBENCH IQ experts. Use our contact form or dial 0049-2941-2729-0

The presentation takes about  60 minutes. We will be happy to answer any questions afterward and discuss your next steps.

If you have any specific areas you want us to adress during the presentation please let us know in advance, e.g. when scheduling the date.


Online demo using Netviewer (Standard) Online demo using Webex

Your INDEC contact partner (the moderator) will send you a calender invitation with an access link that allows you to download the participant program and participate directly in the meeting. (The meeting must first be initiated by the moderator.)

You can simply join the meeting from this area by entering the
meeting number (normally given out over the phone) and a name
or your initials, and then confirming. Otherwise, the process is
the same as in 1.

If you would like to save the participant program on
your computer in order to join other NETVIEWER
meetings more quickly in the future, you can find the program here.

Go to and click on the menu item "Attend a Meeting." You can then join the meeting by entering the meeting number.